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An authentic Mexican-style taqueria & Barbecue joint, Tacos Del Norte is a bustling taco shop located just off of Main Street in downtown Penticton, British Columbia.

A rare source of truly authentic Mexican cuisine in the region, Tacos Del Norte offers a variety of scrumptious dishes, ongoing specials, and a friendly, festive feel for all patrons.

Tacos Del Norte is proud to be a favourite among visitors and locals alike.

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"Best tacos in town! We always eat at Tacos del Norte when we visit from Vancouver. On our last visit, we had the 4 corn tacos combo of chicken, steak, and shredded pork fillings. The meat is perfectly seasoned with and you get three choices of tasty salsa. The place is small but has lots of seating outside. Nothing fancy—just fantastic Mexican food! Fresh and flavorful and reasonably priced."  —Trevor and Sue Henderson



Jared Kulawik, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for culinary excellence, is the proud owner of Tacos Del Norte. With a rich background in the food industry and a relentless pursuit of creating memorable dining experiences, Jared has established Tacos Del Norte as a go-to destination for discerning food enthusiasts that enjoy good vibes and fantastic food.

Born with a love for flavours and inspired by Mexican, Italian and Traditional American Barbecue, Jared developed a profound appreciation for the art of cooking from a young age. He honed his skills by working at various culinary institutions and training under well respected chefs.

Jared's culinary journey took him across different continents, where he explored diverse culinary traditions and techniques. His exposure to a myriad of flavours and ingredients profoundly influenced his own unique culinary style, characterized by a harmonious fusion of Barbecue and fresh Mexican cuisine.

Jared curates the menu at Tacos Del Norte , ensuring that every dish brings him back to good times and great food. He sources only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients from local farmers and suppliers who share their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.

Beyond his culinary expertise, Jared is deeply passionate about creating a fun, friendly and inviting ambiance at Tacos Del Norte. He believes that dining is not just about the food, but also about the entire experience. He believes great food brings people together, and loves seeing guests enjoy their meals.

In addition to his role as a restaurateur, Jared actively contributes to the local culinary community. He collaborates with local chefs, participates in food festivals, and support charitable initiatives cantered around food and helping those in need. Jared believes in giving back and using his platform to make a positive impact.

When not in the kitchen or overseeing operations at Tacos Del Norte, Jared finds joy in exploring new culinary trends, traveling to experience different cuisines, and spending time with family and friends. He remains committed to innovation, constantly experimenting with new flavours and techniques to delight the palates of his cherished guests.

With his culinary artistry, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceptional dining experiences, Jared continues to elevate the culinary scene and create lasting memories for all who dine at Tacos Del Norte.

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